Best Blowjob in East Anglia Competition.

Welcome to our competition to find the best Blow Job in the eastern counties. Entrants of all ages are welcome, and there are prizes for just entering, prizes for achieving an excellent standard and prizes for the monthly and annual winners. Rules of the competition are listed below in the F.A.Q.’s. You can enter this competition anonymously without showing your face if you wish, and no points will be deducted for this. For this competition we will send a Judge/Photographer to your location if you feel happier and more comfortable or you may visit us.

This is Caroline, and she is our first winner. Her prize was £25 as she managed to achieve an excellent standard. Caroline went for the traditional hand at the bottom of the shaft and head constantly in the mouth approach that has worked well for centuries. Of course her pierced tongue really gave this blowjob the edge, and we were pleased to give her the award for excellence. She did not swallow, but I always love to come in the ladies mouth when possible (and with permission)

Carolines fantastic blowjob

This girl was fantastic - she deserved the extra prize

Deep Throat is my favorite - felt her tonsils!!!


What are the rules?Simple really - you have to be female, over 21, and want to be judged in the competition. Using your mouth you must stimulate the judge to completion. Points are awarded for various aspects of the task.How old do I have to be?The minimum age is 21 (ID may be required, but will not be kept or copied) . There is no maximum age.

Do I have a better chance of winning if I give the blow job to one of your judges or does it matter?

You have a better chance! This is because the Judge does the scoring - if he watches you perform on someone else then it is more difficult to make any determination.

I was thinking of doing this contest with one of my male friends but is it true you get a bonus if you give the blow job to one of the judges?

You automatically get 30 points for choosing a judge.

If it is one of the judges, who will I be giving the blow job to and how is that decided?

The judges decide.

May I keep my clothes or underwear on during the blow job or would that hurt my chance of winning?

It does not really matter, whatever makes you more comfortable. Some women have remained totally clothed, and some do not, either is perfectly acceptable. The judge will not touch you unless you ask him to do so.

Do I have a better chance of winning if I am OK with pictures being taken?

There are 20 points awarded for the use of pictures, but you can still win without. Some contestants prefer to remain anonymous? You can still have the pictures taken and remain anonymous, by using a disguise, or if you select then we can edit your face from the photos.

Do I have a better chance of winning if I swallow?  

It does not matter, we strongly encourage safe sex and would never penalize someone for practicing it. Spit or swallow makes no difference to your points score. It may be wise to let the judge know what you plan to do, in advance, to avoid confusion.

Am I allowed to touch any part of the Judge other than his penis?

We give extra points for effort and creativity. At least half the task must be completed with mouth to penis contact, but you may touch him with other parts of your body.

Where and when does the competition take place?

The Judge will make an appointment with you. You may come to us, or if you feel happier and more comfortable we will be happy to visit you.

How will it be organised?

The competition is organised so that it is fair for all. The blowjob will be performed in a friendly and fun environment and in privacy. The only persons present will be the participants (and the judge if he is not the recipient). The Judge will most likely take the photos. You may bring a chaperone if you wish, but he will not be present at the blowjob unless he is the recipient.

When does the competition end?

The competition is an ongoing one. There are monthly prizes, and an annual one.

What are the prizes?

Cash prizes are awarded for taking part (£10), for achieving a high standard (Further £15 = £25 for 75 points or more) and for the best blowjob of the month (£100). The monthly winners are put forward for the best blowjob of the year, which is another £100. All prizes are paid in cash, instantly and accompanied by a certificate!!

If I don’t win the monthly competition, how long before I can come back and try again?

Everyone who takes part wins something. When you request to take part you are placed on a waiting list. After you have performed your blowjob you may request to be added to the list again. We start at the top of the list and work down, on a strictly first come first served basis.

How exactly is this competition Judged?

The Judge will make the final decision in all matters. He is guided to be fair to all contestants by a scoring system which he will use and will be shown to you before or after you make your attempt if you want to see it. It is relatively simple. Several aspects of the blowjob are assessed and points awarded for each aspect - this is the reason you get extra points for performing on the Judge.

Can I enter more that one competition - you run three at the moment don’t you?

You should feel free to enter all three competitions if you so wish, and we would heartily encourage this, although do request that when you make arrangements you let the Judge know. The judge is only human after all!

If you have any questions not answered in this section then please email or phone 07810000000 and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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